MusicGoals Rhythm 1.02

No Image musicianship. Tap the computer keyboard or use an external midi keyboard. Follow courses provided or create unlimited random and semi-random drills that will challenge and build skills. Use the standard metronome or choose one of the drum beat options that encourage feeling the beat and the use of large muscles. MusicGoals Rhythm offers interactive music lessons and training. As objectives are mastered practical knowledge and musicianship skills

Guitar and Drum Trainer 3.3.4: Improve music practice time. Slow down music to your own pace to improve easier.
Guitar and Drum Trainer 3.3.4

Improve your musicianship and playing by practising smarter and better. Slow down MP3 music to play and learn new songs at your own pace. Pitch shift music in different keys to your instrument instead of retuning. Filter out unwanted musical parts with a powerful 31 band professional level EQ. Set loop points to listen to and practice the same part over and over. Save settings to practice later. Use the Speed Trainer to gradually increase speed.

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